Macam, USB Webcam Support For Mac OS X

When you open up macam you should see this blank screen with the words beneath it saying that it has been connected to your camera. When you press the blue play button on the top left, you will see the webcam image. You can press play and toggle the image with the pause button. The other buttons allow you to save a photo or a video from within the macam application. You can read more on macam in my previous project blog on building a tangible touch table with the ps3 eye.

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Labels: drivers , macam , ps3 eye , webcam. I managed to get it working using macam , an OSX driver for hundreds of cameras. I dont know if this is the best solution but it might be cool since you will have support for many other cameras. I post it here in case it is useful for anyone. I used this code to see if the cam was available: import processing.

macam : Support Cameras

Actually, I ignore what the [2] device is. I tried all the devices using this code: import processing.

I suspect that if [2] is not available, then processing tries [3], but i'm not sure about that. As the PSEye did not appear, I dowloaded macam.

When extracted, you get the application, the source and a component. To get the stuff working, I copied the macam. Replies 1.

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Hello, unfortunately I can't offer an answer to your question, simply report that the warning doesn't show in my case: OS X But in the first instance I want to thank you for sharing your result. Your report provided the final clue after hours of unfruitful experimenting: using macam drivers.

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So thank you very much indeed! Leave a comment on basilikum's reply.