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Behind the scenes, Apple has been building tools third-party developers can use to port their apps from iOS to MacOS with what Federighi.

You probably do Do you use Gmail? Did you one use […]. The Federal Aviation Authority has banned certain models of inch MacBook Pros from flights due to a previously disclosed battery risk. These are the same Macs Apple issued a […]. A Mac-based cloud for developers You may have heard of MacStadium before. Speaking during the Mac mini launch in , Apple told us how the company manages over 8, Mac mini systems […]. Tap, Tap, double-tap Most Word on iPad users know about tap.

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When working with […]. Apple has announced a new iPhone for , but it will only be made available to a select group of security researchers — along with huge bounties to anyone alerting the company to a new OS vulnerability. Who owns your VPN service? The researcher has flagged up several concerns that really should be recognized by anyone choosing a VPN service from both the Apple and […].

Apple has worked closely with government agencies to try to find ways through these economic […]. Here is how to use those features:What is iCloud?

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  • Use Disk Utility to archive the user folder as a disk image.

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Try reliable Migration Assistant alternative to fix stuck issue

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Thanks for the article. A bit off-topic, but which is the bests strategy to move full contents of one Mac to another?

Your Guide to the OS X Yosemite Migration Assistant

It depends on what you want to do with the migrated files. If you want to add them to your current system, use Migration Assistant. If you want to replace the entire system and all your data on your current Mac an unlikely scenario but not impossible , use SuperDuper! Restoring from a Time Machine backup requires the Time Machine drive for the old computer to be available, tricky operation, and, in any case, is a much slower process than restoring a clone. The most common scenario is to use Migration Assistant to move your files from the old computer to the new one.

By the way, the fastest way to do all this is using an Ethernet network, if you have one. I also don't do the Migration until I've gotten the new computer completely up-to-date, etc. I create an extra "Admin" or other dummy account which I delete later. I would reset the MBP, create a dummy account, do all the updates, and then when the system was running perfectly, then I'd start the Migration Assistant using the MBP in Target mode. The other thing I do, because it didn't work correctly once when I did it a different way After selecting the source disk, MA will scan the source and identify the files, accounts, apps, etc. Since I was transferring everything , I didn't wait for it to calculate the sizes of all these different things, and just said "Go" or "Next" or whatever to get it started.

That didn't work. So, now, I always wait for the scan of the source disk to complete.

How to migrate your old Mac's data to your new Mac

I wait to see the size of the Users folder, the size of the Apps folder, etc. So I figured I'd post a few details of what I learned this week.

Plus I had the advantage of migrating Gb to 1TB which in the end was my saving grace. Result: Migration assistant runs, and transfers to new machine in hours. However same as initial question lots of "Unable to transfer file" errors, when logging in, no Docs, Applications in directories, etc. Connect machines with cable, and put source in 'Target Disk Mode' Hold "T" key while booting , open 'Migration Assistant' on destination machine. Result: Migration Assistant relatively quickly manages to collect source-information calculations User Account, Application, Network Settings, etc.

Open Migration Assistant on target machine, attach network drive, see my backup, and wait. Migration assistant says: "Loading Backup" for hours, I cannot click "Continue" as it is deactivated. I can see network traffic moving from the NAS to the computer and so on, but after 15 hours I give up.

Geneva and than boot, run updates, verify that I still have my. Now I see Macbook-Pro as a source, I select it, and it very quickly manages to do the size calculations.