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Behind the scenes, Apple has been building tools third-party developers can use to port their apps from iOS to MacOS with what Federighi.

This is absolutely great software! Resoulution and quality of images are very, very good.

I think we should make a donation and support you! Good post! My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway. Alot of artists had creative uses for SX70 type polaroids.

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The emulsion sandwiched in the image could be pushed around and distorted with tools like pens or burnishers. Swirly, crazy psychedelic image fun. Try building a mesh type smudge finger pixel manipulator into the software or use the fingertip Smudge tool in Photoshop. Tons of new fun for your fans, maybe? When i click "Show me the file into the finder" nothing happens.

What's wrong with it? I like this poladroid very much now, i'm in love with it Thanks for creating such a good tool. Re Use a pen like we used to do My studetn swill be using PhotoShop to add text. Hy hope u all fine and enjoying ur life..

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I I found this site very informative Through this site i wanna tell u about my site which is about games.. Thanks u. I love this tool. When will I be able to put text on the poladroids??? I'm really waiting for this feature. Ultra cool on Windows and Mac - any plans to port to Linux idealy debian?


If you can run it on OS X it shouldnt be too hard? I found this site very informative Lovely little application with excellent outbound quality. Great look, feel, execution. Would be great to have a few Polaroid formats, but I was happy to donate to have this application working on my Mac.

Hi, How made one, when the photo is transformed so that it does not stay? Helemaal te gek dit programma, een donatie is hier zeker op zijn plaats. Dik verdiend! This is a really creative idea.

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I like that the Polaroids bring back a bit of a vintage look. The poladroid of the day reminds me of a pin hole camera. HI, Loved the 0. OK, beta and all that but I can't even go back to 0. NOT Happy! NilObjectException - what does this mean? Everytime I place a jpeg on the polaroid, it crashes and says NilObjectException. Le bon vieux pola est de retour. Please please, when will we be able to put text on the poladroids???

I remember my dad having a Polaroid and found some of the old photos recently. This program just brings back great memories! It's a very very nice application!! I love taking long to photofinishing! Thank you for your creation!!!!! Should I be seeing a thumbprint on my photos?? Thanks Renee.

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  8. I found this site following a write up in Amateur Photographer. So far it looks great - I spent months working out how to get a polaroid effect in photoshop and never got anything this easy. I can't tell how much thanks for your app!

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    It will be wonderful if we could add some comment on the photo. Hope this feature will come soon! I spent so much time "poladroiding" my pics lol Hello everyone, please take a look at my site It's a secret Thank you to the creator of this site. It is tons of fun, brings back memories. This app is excellent. I'd love to see it as an iPhone app. Snap a picture with the camera. Shake the phone. And shake the phone. And shake Great program!! I love how the polaroids come out looking retro. One thing I dislike is hi-res photos always get cropped in the program, so if the subject of the photo is not in the center it will almost always be cropped.

    I tried making photos smaller before using the program but that didn't work. Photos that are already at a low resolution don't get cropped or sometimes they do but not all that much. Or am I missing an option that prevents this from happening? Still love it though.

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    I've been looking for this kind of thing since forever digital frazzled the world. Great, great project. And thank you. The only thing I would change about it is; you should be able to drag images from the internet and use them.

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    It just closes if you try that. It's such a great idea! It's so nifty. The camera is so cute, and shaking the polariods is fun well done!

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    This pola is really nice. We can have different effects. But it will be better if we can name the pictures direct on the pola. Why not mixed the both? Hi Great little app. Any Plans to allow option for original pixel size of image to be retained? Fantastic effect!