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Playhead is there. So far so good. Will make a tune this weekend and report back with any probs.

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Sorry, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you meaning: forget it. Mac Pro 3,1 2x Quad Core 2.

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Invisible playhead. Maybe Mountain Lion can solve this or more possibly it's a video card problem. I was dumb enough to believe some "Level 7" guy on the Apple discussion forums who said it absolutely could not be done! I wouldn't want to upgrade to Logic X unless I could use it on both my Macs - and I've been going round the houses trying to learn how to hack Mountain Lion to install on my old Mac Pro. I know its possible - but I've yet to be convinced the end result is solid for audio. Though I much preferred Snow Leopard to Lion, it ain't that bad, and upgrading to Lion did seem to sort out some video card related weirdness following the upgrade - just FYI Too broke right now to splash on Logic X, but will watch with interest and keep my fingers crossed for those of you blazing the trail!

iMac ATI Radeon HD Graphics Firmware Update released - CNET

Logic Pro 9. PNG is no longer available. Anybody got a clue how to install the fresh released LPX update On the apple website there is no download available. If you want to create wobble-bass on the ES2,this is the right place to ask,otherwise seek professional advice - Rev. I own a Mac Pro 1. The graphic card was the original one that shipped with the computer, a Geforce GT.

So I bought a second hand Radion because I was almost sure it caused the problem.

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Simple way is to hold 6 and 4 on reboot. Google for more info…. So far only thing I can report is that the graphics performance of certain apps is very degraded. For instance launching Launch Pad is very slow, you can see each step in detail. Also if you open newer version of iPhoto and drag window around screen you get weird blocking effects.

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  • The most serious so far is that iWork Pages and Numbers are invisible pages — the information is there, but the page is blank. So, unworkable unfortunately.

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    For the record that is a mid iMac with Lion If I could try later versions of I had a similar problem once, when system not load kext at boot time. Your system is running on a 32 or 64 bit? As I know, a bit system has a problem with the patch kext. Just make sure u boot with the bit kernel!! I was desperate and this solved the problem here!!! No crashing for the moment. Thank you for this. I have an iMAC Early which does not boots anymore. It frezzes on a White Screen…. It seems a Video Card Problem.

    I tried your instructions but the problems remains. Maybe Did I forgot something? Did you have any advice? Hello Do you have kext files for ati ? I have the same computer but running el capitan. The link does not work.

    adexbiora.tk Thank you John. Thank you very much…..

    memtest86 on Mac Pro 3,1 with ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT

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