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Behind the scenes, Apple has been building tools third-party developers can use to port their apps from iOS to MacOS with what Federighi.

Create data discs with advanced data settings like, file permissions, the disc icon, file dates and more on the fly. Create video and audio discs without worrying about conversion.

Audio Burning

Create your personalized DVD-Video discs using themes. Recreate discs and disc images you all ready have.

Burn doesn't reinvent the wheel, it uses many powerful open source Unix utilities and is also open source. Download G3 version More Fixed VoiceOver issues Thanks to: Fixes converting files to DVD-Video mpg. Added support for m4a audio tags.

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Fixes bug preventing to edit CD-Text tagless audio files. Other CD-Text bugs fixed. Doesn't re-encode Audio-CD files all ready in the right format. Support for re-ordering multiple files on audio and video discs. Discover New Mac Apps.

How to Copy a CD on a Mac | It Still Works

Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or. Need to make a quick copy of your disc? Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It's too complex for the average user because a it requires use of the command line which I'm comfortable with, but most people aren't ; b it requires knowledge of two different sets of device names and c it requires that iTunes is not running because it locks Audio CDs in a way that prevents exclusive access.

This should stop Finder, iTunes and other software from breaking things at the wrong times for you. Those massive strings, up to the ": When this finishes you'll have an exact duplicate of your original Audio CD.

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When you pop this in a drive iTunes will recognise it as an Audio CD and it will give you the option to rip its contents. It seems that "Burn" does the trick. I figure using "Burn" again to burn the pair to a blank CD will reproduce the original pauses. Post edit in progress, please ignore for the moment.

The method above, using Disk Utility Create Image from Folder failed for me El Capitan, However, the following worked perfectly, as suggested by https: You have to use Terminal.


See hdiutil documentation for other options e. This solution works perfectly for me:. The Finder will appear — select whole CD and click on the Image button. A new dialog box will appear. In the Where box, choose Desktop.

This file is a disk image of your CD. Btw, it works even if you do not select cdr format and write disk as generic Disk Image. You should now see the disk image of your CD on the left hand side, typically at the bottom of the list. Select the image , and then click on the Burn button.

Burning a CD from MP3’s

Slight variation from the process described by FooMonkey - as I was running into issues using an external optical drive - along the lines of:. I recommend first reading FooMonkey's post above, as it is an excellent and very thorough answer, and provides more complete advice with better context to what is presented here.

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