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Behind the scenes, Apple has been building tools third-party developers can use to port their apps from iOS to MacOS with what Federighi.

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Moving the slider to the right will show finer detail, whilst moving it to the left will result in a less detailed view. Double-click the slider to go back to default sensitivity. Radial Filter is yet another welcome addition to the list of tools available in Lightroom. It acts very much like Graduated Filter and shares most of its settings. As you have probably figured out, the main difference is that it is… radial.

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Sounds simple, but this makes the Radial Filter a very powerful Vignetting tool with all the same controls as the Graduated Filter. You can add several Radial Filters and localize vignetting very precisely. By default, all the sliders will affect the outer regions of the selection. The Radial Filter tool will be covered in much more detail in the upcoming Mastering Lightroom series articles. It is handy and saves you a couple of steps when dealing with optical imperfections your lens may have, such as vignetting, distortion and so on. Most of the settings in the Basic tab of Lens Corrections panel are not game-changers, but the new Upright feature is quite useful.

It is not as effective as actually using a tilt lens, but works very well and is achievable with a simple mouse click. For professional architecture, you would still prefer specialized lenses. To use Upright, toggle one of the options at the bottom half of the Basic tab in the Lens Corrections Panel.

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These buttons are used to apply quick horizontal or vertical leveling and perspective correction. Mouse over the following image to see Upright in action:.

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What you do need to keep in mind is that, good as it may be, Upright is far from being perfect. Upright actually overdid it:. That sort of error is easy to notice. What is harder to notice is what Upright can do to your image that you would not like at all:. At first glance, everything looks fine and Upright seems to have done nearly as well as you would hope it to after clicking the Auto option. At closer inspection, you will notice the male subject got distorted somewhere in the process. Most noticeably — his face got stretched.

Choosing the Full option would make this even worse. Upright behavior has not changed since Public Beta release. To fix something like that, I would need to go to Manual tab and do some well-judged adjustments from there on my own. Keep in mind that it is better to use Upright with architecture and landscape shots. Be careful when using Upright with images that have people in it though, even if architecture is involved.

Consider playing with the settings some of them can be found in the Manual tab for best results, or doing things yourself altogether. Smart Previews is a new feature previously introduced in Lightroom 5 Public Beta. Smart Previews allow you to make changes to your images, look up and copy settings even without actually having direct access to the files. For example, if you prefer to keep your hefty RAW files on an external hard drive, unless the drive was connected to your computer at the time of work, you could not post-process those images with Lightroom 4 and older versions.

Never mind the post-processing, you have no way of even looking at the adjustments you made to those images. I have run into this sort of problem a dozen of times. Creating Smart Previews helps you avoid that sort of situation. You can, alternatively, build Smart Previews for all or selected images by clicking on the corresponding setting right below the Histogram, as demonstrated. The new file is saved in DNG format and takes up a lot less space than the original file. For example, I created a Smart Preview for a.

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NEF file from my Nikon D The original uncompressed file weighs Now I am not trying to say that your RAW file will become smaller. Your RAW file stays in the same location and the size does not change. So if you choose to render Smart Previews, the total size of your Lightroom catalog folder will grow, but by a small margin compared to the original RAW file. Are there any limitations? Well, yes. But a minor one.

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You can only export the image up to about px in size on the long edge. Having said that, it is still more than enough for web use.

follow url I am yet to find any more drawbacks, but considering how much space you can save on your hard drive whilst keeping the main RAWs on an external drive, the Smart Previews feature is amazing! It is especially useful for those who tend to travel a lot and want to save time by post-processing images whilst on a train or during a flight. With all the new features that Lightroom 5 packs, the full-screen preview is most likely the least intriguing addition at first glance. After all, it is just a view mode.

That is all. It is obvious Adobe has given even small details like this a lot of thought. After-all, previewing images is an action you are likely to do more often than change screen modes, and thus should require a simpler key combination. Previewing an image in full size without any other distraction is very different than it is with panels and tabs sticking out from the sides of your screen.

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It gives a better impression on how the image really looks and what else needs to be done to make it look even better. What I find most surprising, is how obvious this feature is.

I cannot help but ask myself again and again how come Adobe has not included a full-screen preview in the original Lightroom release! But then the answer is simple. Go figure. You can zoom in, too. The Slideshow Module has been improved. Most notably, it now supports video files. You can use both image and video files in one slide show, and also add a sound track. The plan includes everything you need to organize, edit, enhance, and share images on your desktop or mobile device—anytime, anywhere.

Lightroom Classic on desktop will continue to launch and allow access to your files after your membership ends.

However, the Develop and Map modules are disabled. Also, after your membership ends, synchronization with Lightroom on mobile devices will no longer function. With a free Creative Cloud membership, you can download a trial of Lightroom Classic and other applications in Creative Cloud. Learn how to get set and get started with step-by-step-tutorials as well as comprehensive product support from Adobe and our knowledgeable community. Lightroom Classic Common Questions Search. Select an article: Select an article:.